I’ll admit at times it’s hard staying focus its so many things in this world that can distract me from what my main objective in life is and it’s crazy because I’m not sheltered anymore like the shit is real it’s either get to the money or forever be broke. Or am I just over thinking to much? You see I could find me a job that’ll pay me everything that I want and shit but then there’s that factor of will I be happy? It’s to many input output functions that happen. And for the fellow college kids I know all of you don’t have parents that was supportive of your decision some was probably happy as hell some wasn’t example my stepdad I feel is so disappointed in me because I chose to be a citizen for once in my life and embrace life I’m only 20 I smoke weed , I party , I do fun shit I feel or what appeals to me. I don’t have a criminal background nothing I’m clean etc. But yet because of what I WANT to do which is own a barber shop and just live life as a barber I’m like a disappointment but yet me and my sibling been having to deal with the military our WHOLE FUCKING LIVES lmao so dramatic there huh? Yeah I know but anyway I’m here just thinking like why do I continue to feel like shit just because I’m not doing what someone wants me to do? Shit is selfish on the real I got my mom support but she’s a mother she’s gonna support me I’ve always had a rough relationship with my pops it’s been physical alot but it made me strong I just wanna look back at this post 2-5 years from now and say I made it though I got through the storm and best believe I’m gonna be rolling still. Where will I be living hell I don’t even know but being in school it won’t take long for me to have my license . Haha life’s crazy man (fake ass laugh) But honestly I just want a easy carefree life blunts , joints , in the morning money all wealthy and shit it’s crazy nothing is given even though living where I live today’s the fucking opposite because only people with connections got it made but fuck them I’ll make it I’ll still be dancing making videos everything just got to breathe .. Yes my poetry will still be here .

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"If we lie to the government, it’s a felony, but if they lie to us it’s politics."

- Huey Freeman

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