Is this shit really real ?

Is this shit really real ?
I ask myself that everyday
Is this shit really real ?
Sometimes I wanna come out and say
But see I then been through it all
Saying little shit like that I know some shit will fall
It’ll be like a doctor playing with your kidney
When all I think about is giving you the hickeys
I mean damn man I want you bad
But I know If I open my mouth it’ll be all sad
You thinking about yo ex
yea sometimes I feel it
But it’s like I’m the nigga in front of you
Damn ma
I’m just trying to heal it
You may think oh I’m so playa
because you see I’m really feeling myself
But soon as you came into the picture
I was like fuck it
no one else matters shit
so who else ?
I care about you in ways I shouldn’t
Because I know how the game is
Females back then used to have me trying to swerve out then swerve all back in
Sometimes me getting lifted
Makes me think of all these nasty things
But fuck it you know what it is
you know my nasty ways
I ask myself damn
My nigga are you mesmerized?
Because it’s dark now but her feelings gonna show when the sun starts to rise
It be like straight up I know the truth
But I want to be wrong
Because back then
A kid always had a sad ass song
But that’s back then
And this is now
I wanna ride with you forever
Even if forever seems like for right now
A nigga crazy
Mad crazy if I’m trying to make you my lady
I love how sometimes if you seeing or feeling the wrong shit you’ll let me know you feeling kinda shady
I laugh about it
Because my nigga it’s crazy
I hate love tho
Damn yo I ain’t trying to call you baby
You see what you to do to me it’s not real
The shit is just making my mind all dizzy
I gets high off you
Swear you my Mary Jane
All a nigga really want is you
I just want a new flame …
So is this shit really real ?
That’s all I really wanna know
Don’t let me get in to deep
Shit cut a nigga off time’ll go slow
I wanna give you the world
Say fuck y’all niggas this right here she my girl
I want it all yo
I’m just trying to figure it out
Because I want you to remember this all

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Another one ? Is the shit really real?

Ight tumblr I haven’t written anything and posted it lately because I guess I been chilling so nothing’s really been bothering me. Ight I lied like hell all kinds of shit been happening but for some reason I feel like luck is on my side for once … Maybe ? Hopefully ? But it’s been this female that I’m fucking feeling to the maxxxxxxxxxx yoooooo like this shit is crazy butterflies and shit I mean come on yo I ain’t no real soft drake type nigga . I mean I got a way with words but damn son but yo this how I be feeling about this so shit this is like another poem I guess I’m writing from the top of the dome.

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